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Hello :wave:, I am a software engineer. I share my :bookmark_tabs: tech blog posts about my works and interests.

I use here the open source project open source template provided by πŸ§ͺ Jekyll Tech Blog, that is a framework based on Jekyll to build easily a tech blog.

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Software Engineering


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About open source and freemium tools used

Here are open source and freemium used to build this tech blog based on the framework πŸ§ͺ Jekyll Tech Blog :

Open source and Freemium tools
Open source and Freemium tools [built by author]


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The logo of this blog is composed of a test tube with the shortcode : test_tube :, it gives :test_tube: but with unicode πŸ§ͺ, as used to conduct chemical experiments in a laboratory. Depicted as a clear cylinder, open at one end and containing a green liquid. Positioned at a 45Β° angle. It symbolizes the tech experimentation and is similar of the Jekyll icon Jekyll icon but where the content is red.